Learning Curve

For the past three years here at SSU I’ve noticed a perceptible difference in myself as an individual. I’m a lot more outgoing than I used to be and as recently as this semester I’ve started to branch out to try new things and meet new people. This semester I joined the Residence Hall Association or RHA here at Salem State. Originally I was kind of skeptical about joining a group none of my friends were a part of but then I realized that I could make new friends and maybe continue my growth as an individual in a leadership position.

RHA is an on campus group for resident students to join or come to and work for change in the residence halls. One of our most notable victories last semester was getting the cable company to give us the HBO stations like they promised in their contract. This semester we are holding Town Hall meetings in all of the residence halls so that residents can come and voice their concerns and frustrations with us so that we can work toward making life on campus that much better.

Becoming a part of RHA has been a learning curve for me. Not only have I had to adjust to new personalities and basically a whole new way of thinking but I’ve had to relearn new skills I thought I had already mastered. Time management was a real struggle for me. I had to balance not only my class and work schedule but I now had to designate time for RHA every week. This cut into my homework and personal time which left me feeling less than stellar. My poor planning led to some lower grades for me last semester which I was not at all happy about. But in this new semester I’ve learned that I need to really strive for balance. I don’t commit myself to more than what I can actually foresee myself completing to the best of my abilities.

Joining RHA ha sled me to grow as a person. I now feel more comfortable voicing my concerns to other people and fighting for what I believe in. It’s also helped me brush up on my time management skills and become a more productive person. On campus groups and activities are a great way to find out who you truly are and how well you work with other people while solving problems. While RHA might not be for you I highly recommend joining a group and getting involved here at Salem State.


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