Hang in There!

Alright, so as ALL of you are aware, spring break begins in a matter of days! SO EXCITING. I know for a fact that I’m going to be very anxious for the rest of this week. I love the thought of getting to take a week off of school just to relax and have some fun. But I also know that, with break creeping up on us, my mind isn’t too focused on school. Which is wrong on so many levels.

This week at school is probably one of my most important, and I’m sure that relates to many of you as well. I have three midterms and endless amounts of assignments to do in order to get me to break. SO. My job is to stay focused, get my work done, and complete any and all responsibilities that I have. Here is my check list that will help me get to break, and if you loosely follow it, the list may help you, too!

1. GO TO ALL CLASSES: Please avoid skipping (in general..) especially this week. There is no doubt professors will be cramming in any important info that you’re going to utilize in the near future.

2. GET YOUR WORK DONE, AND DONE RIGHT: Make sure you’re not lazy with your schoolwork. Focus on all of you assignments and take responsibility for your work load.

3. STUDY: Like me, you may have a few midterms this week. PLEASE study. Ask questions when you need help, quiz yourself, and study the needed material. If your bored, try to make a game of your studying. Remember, study now, go on break later.

4. OTHER RESPONSIBILITIES: Make an appointment to meet with your adviser. Attend any and all meetings that are held this week. Make sure if you’ve already committed to a group or organization, you shouldn’t get lazy the week before break.

5. SLEEP: Yes. Its needed. With the workload you have this week, sleep is dire. JUST THINK: sleep appropriately this week means that you can stay up every night over break!

Spring Break begins on Saturday, March 14th at 12:00am. YOU GOT THIS! Hang in there!


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