Spring Slump

This has been an unusual semester for most of us. With all of the cancelled classes we’ve had this semester, you’re just getting back into the swing of things and suddenly its spring break! How can you make sure the rest of your semester will fly by when you come back from break? Here are a few tips: ​

  • Unfortunate as it is, some professors will give you assignments during Spring break. Try a set aside a little bit of time to get these done, so you don’t return from break to a pile of homework and stress
  • Remember to register for classes when you return from break. The first step is planning to meet with your adviser! Here are the registration dates:

Seniors/Summer Bridge Program Students-Tuesday, March 31st

Juniors-Wednesday, April 1st

Sophomores-Thursday, April 2st

First Year Student-Friday, April 3rd

  • Before you leave for break, ask your professors if you’ve missed any assignments, you can make up. You have a great opportunity to get these done right before you leave or even during break.
  • Get organized! Are there any classes this semester you feel like you’re struggling in? Make a strategy for getting those grades up. This can be anything from attending all of your classes from now on, to starting early on that long research paper.
  • Don’t forget that on March 23 only – Monday classes will meet as scheduled and Friday, March 27 will become a Monday class schedule.  Friday classes will not meet on that day. This will help make up for some of those Monday classes you missed!

This has been a challenging and unusual semester for many, but with these tips you can get back on track!


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