Passing a Test in Perseverance.

In college there a lot of triumphs, but there are also a lot of setbacks.  For any student, all the small set backs can build up to one huge triumph. For a nursing student, there area lot of challenges to overcome. One that is a highlight is the ATI testing. Which is basically like an MCAS testing that each student needs to pass or complete remediation to pass through all of the nursing classes.

This sounds like an easy task, but it is incredible daunting. The curriculum doesn’t always follow what is going to be on the exam. Now in the lower level nursing classes, you have to take the test just to take it. But once you get into your junior level classes, these tests become a part of your grade.They become something that you aim all your efforts at, professors always say if you can do well on your ATI you can do well on the final.

It’s this mind set that the only person who can make you succeed is yourself. That if you don’t put in the time and effort that you cannot succeed. In nursing you have to put 110% effort in every day and sometimes there is still nothing you can do to change things. By continuing to work hard, and keep trying every day you will be able to pass those ATI’s or whatever is standing in your way. You learn to work through the every day challenges, and where you might not succeed the first or second time, the third time may become your moment to shine. And that moment is worth all of the fighting for.


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