Planning Events

In your first year something everyone tells you to do is join clubs Something that is really cool to do with clubs is to get involved to the point where you can plan your own events. Being able to have an idea for a program, or event that you think you get tons of people and being able to actually plan and hold the event is something that clubs here on campus can offer you.

 Clubs such as First Year Advisory Board hold meetings every other week, and try to get as much student input into their events as they can. FAB is a great club to join as a first year student because you are able to have your voice heard and can give input that is taken into planning events! Then when you become an upper classmate you can help advise the new students, and help them plan the events they want to have!

Clubs are supposed to be super fun and easy. They are a break away from the stress of classes and work. In joining clubs you can plan events that will help you meet all kinds of new people. Even though the school year is almost over, it is never too late to make an effort to get involved with a group or club on campus.


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