Everything You Learned in Elementary School You Can Use in College

I’m sure we’ve all had that one teacher that tries to organize every student’s life. Although sometimes we may not want to admit that that certain teacher had an effect on us. I used to be completely unorganized until I got to the fourth grade. This teacher had a whole binder system set up in her classroom in order to teach all of her students how to stay organized. After that year I never reverted back to the unorganized way of student life ever again. Turns out that organization is just as important in college as it is in elementary school.

Here are some helpful tips to be organized:

To do lists are very important. Here you can keep track of everything that you have to do for the week. http://www.thelovelyside.com/2014/08/freebie-lovely-lists-download-print.html

Another thing you can do is organize your classes into binders. You can do this one of two ways.

1. You can have a binder for Monday, Wednesday/Friday, and a Tuesday/Thursday binder. This is great because you only have to bring one binder to class and you will have all of the information and materials you may need.

2. You can have a separate binder for each class. This will certainly keep you organized, but your bag will certainly be heavier.


Another way to stay organized is by keeping a large desk calendar. This is very helpful because it is something that you will see every day. If you write down all of the assignments on the correct dates that they are due, you will never miss or forget to complete an assignment.

For more ideas on organization you can search on pinterest.com. Pinterest has great ideas about how to organize your school life and classes. Maybe you will even be inspired to organize other things after completing this task.


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