Sink or Float

Are you struggling with a class that you are currently taking? Do you wish there was some way that you could get help one-on-one? If your answer to was yes to any of those questions you are certainly in luck! Tutors are available and waiting for people to ask them for help! All you have to do is sign up online. Tutoring is a beautiful thing. If you aren’t comfortable asking your professor for extra help in your subject area that you’re struggling in, tutoring is another way to get that extra help that you need. Tutors are there for you, but you have to be the one to ask for the help. No one is going to know that you need the help until you ask them. Tutors are not only there just to help you understand the material in a different way, they can also work with students in order to help them with general school stuff. Sometimes organization is all a student needs to stop struggling in a class. Maybe just sitting with someone while they do their homework is motivation enough to complete their homework. It is important that people realize that tutors are there to help the students with whatever they need help with. So instead of just sinking and letting yourself fail the course, why not ask for a little bit of help and you can see yourself float!


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