Holding Myself Accountable

Advocating for yourself is one of the most important skills you learn in college. Whether you are trying to get into a closed class or trying to get an internship advocating for yourself is necessary. It can be scary to think about the fact that you no longer have other people to take of things for you. It’s important to realize that how things happen for you depends on your involvement in your own life. It’s really easy to blame bad experiences on teachers, classmates, or even the weather but in actuality you are the one responsible for your own outcomes in life. For the past year I have been working on trying to get an internship with a specific group that my professor recommended to me. At first I thought that since she had recommended them to me that that would mean she would take care of most of the heavy lifting of this process for me. It became apparent however that while my experiences and successes may be important to her they were not the be all and end all like they are for me. This is in no way her fault as she is her own person with her own life and commitments that come along with it. I had to realize that if I really wanted this opportunity and the experiences it would bring to me I had to work for it. So I reached out to the organization and started a dialogue with them about interning with them for the summer. Because I took the action necessary to improve my future and get an experience that I wanted I will now have more marketable experience and new contacts to help me in the professional world after college. Taking accountability for yourself doesn’t have to mean that you go out and get an internship for yourself, you can start with something as small as admitting that you are responsible for your grades.


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