Be a marathon runner running the last lap!

Race, chase and jump over the hurdle and finish this spring semester with a satisfying achievement! Many good things are waiting for you in the finish line,  and know that ” Winners  never quit and quitters never win.” Vince Lombardi
We all should be thankful of having this routine break last week . Some people traveled abroad to discover a new culture, others slept most of the time and spent  some time with family, and others worked more hours in their  regular job.  I think that each of these things are good and contribute in making you a better person, by gaining experience, and reinforcing your family relationship .  Each level of life matters, but as long as you pass one never look back but look forward on what you can do next. And remember that at the end of a race, it only matters how you finished it and not how you started it. Progress can always be made and honor and happiness can also still be received. Here are some ” Hacks” on how to successfully pass this last level of this semester:
– Believe in yourself and in your extraordinary abilities
-Study smart and hard
– Give small breaks to your self
– Talk to your professors about your  progress or if you have any issue
-Eat well, because food is energy and without it you cannot function
– Stay or be positive



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