5 Weeks Left – Making the Most of Your Summer

With only FIVE WEEKS (plus finals) left in this snowy/rainy/strange spring semester, first year students are coming to a close on their first year of college – it went by fast, didn’t it?

With some time to plan and think ahead, this is a good chance to figure out what you’re going to be doing this summer! Most people don’t really put a whole lot of thought into the college students’ first summer vacation, but in all reality, it’s a lot different than your high school summer vacations because it’s about two months longer, and by the end of June you (like I was last summer) will probably be bored out of your mind.

Having said this, there are a lot of cool things you can do in your spare time this summer!

1. Apply for a summer job/internships – LOTS of places in your hometown will hire students for the summer with the knowledge that, once september rolls around again, you’ll be back to school. Not only will you be busy, but you’ll be making some money along the way. Always keep in mind that retail is not the only option – you could be a camp counselor or even a lifeguard! (Plus outdoor jobs help you get a nice tan!) Internships are sometimes paid, sometimes not. So though you may end up working for free, the experience that comes with an internship can be integral in finding a job upon graduation. Do some research in your field and start applying! Some internships are short (just a couple weeks) and some are long (a couple of months or even the whole summer). Salem State offers some positions in the summer for students as well, such as orientation navigators and more! Check with Residence Life for some on-campus summer jobs!

2. Go to the library – I know. School just ended and I’m saying go to the library. The cool thing about summer when you are in college is that there are no required summer readings for you to do. So you can read on your own time, willingly, for fun! Books are a great way to keep entertained in the summer, and the best part about books is that they are portable – so they can come with you to the beach! (plus, books from the library are FREE, and who doesn’t like free entertainment?

3. Become one with nature – Especially after this winter with the 7 feet of snow on the ground, summer is your opportunity to get outside and have some fun. Schedule a camping trip with your friends for a long weekend. Who doesn’t love tents and s’mores and the smell of bug spray, right? Go in the water at the beach – yes it’s cold, but that’s kind of the point! Go fishing, go to your local park and take a hike (literally). Buy a slip n’ slide for your back yard. It’s time to go back to your childhood and play outside!

The Countdown to Summer has Begun
Good luck with these last few weeks of school and finals!
FYM Kelly


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