Interview 101

Spring Break is over and the summer job/internship hunt has begun. Have you thought about your strengths and weaknesses when you apply for a job? How the job will help you in the future? What kinds of skills you bring to the table? I have some tips to help you rock the interview and secure the position!

  • Show up early, but not too early! Get to your interview with a reasonable amount of time to show that you are punctual and responsible but not too eager. You want to give your interviewer their time before your appointment.
  • NO BEVERAGES! This can be a major distraction for your (hopefully) future employer and unprofessional. You want to remain focused on the task at hand!
  • Dress professionally and appropriately! Look your best and as the saying goes, “dress for success!” It will give you confidence and show your employer that you care about representing yourself and their company if you were to be hired.
  • Go prepared! When you head into your interview make sure you bring copies of your resume, questions you may have about the position, paper, and pen. By having all of this information at your fingertips you will show your future employer that you are professional and organized.
  • Be able to hold a conversation and engage yourself! Be able to sell your strengths and carry on a conversation that promotes your skills that can’t be put into words! Leave a great first impression!

Everyone is capable of doing well and checking off each of these points! Take some time to prepare and you will be successful! If you would like any more tips head to Meier Hall 100A and we can assist you!

-FYM Jordan

The U.S. and World Report News website ( helped me put together these tips!


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