Look How Far You’ve Come!

We are almost done with Spring semester and beginning to register for classes. You are registering for sophomore year!!! Can you believe how close you are to not being a first year anymore? This is a great time to be proud of yourself for such an amazing accomplishment and a good time to reflect on the year and what you want next year to be like. College is about making mistakes, taking risks and learning a ton in AND out of the classroom. In the spirit of reflecting on the past year I am going to share a few things I learned about myself, college and life this year and hopefully inspire you to think about all the amazing things you learned this year too!

  1. Cut yourself some slack! My Dad always told me “Always do your best but remember that your best is different every single day”. I am a perfectionist especially when it comes to grades and I can get a bit down on myself when my work suffers even if I have good reason! I learned this year to realize that as long as I was putting in my best possible effort for the time being I am doing exactly what I’m supposed to be doing!
  2. Look forward to the future but don’t rush through these years! I think of my future career and graduating all the time which is good for planning purposes but it is important to enjoy the time you have here because college flies by and it is important to enjoy it!
  3. Say “Hello” even if you have just had one class with someone and didn’t really know them. It makes my day to walk around and smile or just say a simple greeting or have someone say a simple greeting to me. You never know whose day needs a little sunshine!
  4. Keep yourself happy and healthy by staying balanced. Go for a walk and eat a piece of fruit to feel nice and healthy! Take a mental break when you need it and do something that makes you happy! Call your family, the first year of college is harder for them than you and keeping in touch while you are at school makes you feel good. It is important to make sure you are taking care of yourself in every aspect of your life- not just school.

Enjoy the rest of your semester and don’t forget to smile and think about how close you are to summer and how far you have come since September!


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