Time is Running Out…

Time management is one extremely helpful skill that you will use in college and continue to use for the rest of your life.I am a very busy person; therefore, being able to manage my time wisely is a major component in my day to day life. Being involved in clubs and trying to get homework done can sometimes be overwhelming. However, time management has become my “best friend”. As the semester is beginning to come to an end, it is very important to keep yourself organized and finish off your assignments on time!

Here are three helpful ways that you can complete everything that you need to and have some spare time for fun too!

  1. Making lists

This creates a systematic way to remember everything thing you need to do. For instance, if you have math homework, a project in Geography, an email to send out, and also reading to complete, you would write each of these items down in a list format. As you complete each of these items – cross them out! This will show what great progress you are making and continue to motivate you to complete the list.

2. Setting goals

Setting timely goals is another way of staying on task. If you only have one night to complete a complex assignment, then make hourly goals of what you want to achieve in a certain amount of time. By doing this you will force yourself to stay on task and finish all of your work.

3. Schedule time interruptions

By setting up a certain time for interruptions you are allowing yourself a break from the work that you are trying to complete. I personally use this tip to its full advantage. For example, if I am writing a paper I will allow myself to take a ten minute break in between writing every page. The interruption time acts as a reward for writing a page of the paper.

I hope that these tips will helpful to all first year students and beyond.


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