Procrastination Nation

We all do it, there’s absolutely no denying it, especially toward the end of the Spring Semester, which for some reason always seems 10 times longer than the Fall – procrastination.

The problem with procrastination is that it brings immediate satisfaction. The “my due date is in two weeks for this assignment I have plenty of time” mindsetĀ can be dangerous. Though you’re having fun now, when it’s the day before your assignment is due, you’re only going to feel stressed. Some of us even procrastinate so hard, we do a full 360 and start being productive with everything except our school work.


So here are some tips to stop procrastinating and start being productive – let’s reduce our stress and finish out the school year strong as we come up on finals!

  • Make a smart to-do list: Only put things on this to-do list that you know you’re avoiding, and keep it in a place where you will see it, all the time. That way you know what is coming up and how soon your due dates actually are.
  • Eliminate temptation: Put your phone away. Stay away from twitter. Don’t do your homework in bed. I promise, you won’t get anything done and you’ll probably fall asleep in your books.
  • Break the task down: Break your assignments into parts, and do the parts one at a time. This way, you don’t have to sit and do the whole assignment at once. Doing an assignment in parts allows you to make sure the whole assignment is top par too!
  • Reward yourself: set up a reward system for when you finish your assignments – the series you’ve wanted to binge-watch on Netflix, that trip to the movies with friends – you can only do them if you finish your work!

Hope these tips help!
This is where I got these tips: there are even more to see!
FYM Kelly


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