Travel with Salem State

Every year, Salem State offers a variety of trips for students during spring break. This year’s offerings included Barbados, New Orleans, Greece and Italy. These are great opportunities to visit other countries without spending an entire semester abroad. Every year these trips are sponsored through the English, Sociology and Geography departments to name a few. This year I went on the Sociology Department’s trip to Tuscany. We had the opportunity to visit Florence, Pisa, and Sienna as well as other lesser known locations during our week long stay. Seeing the famous art and monuments of Tuscany was truly an amazing experience. Every day we visited a new city or town. These trips often give you the opportunity to venture out on your own and plan your own day trips, or stay with the group and go on tours. Be on the lookout for signs and posters about these great opportunities when you come back to campus next fall!

In some cases these trips can even enhance and provide material for classes that fall under the department that hosts them. If you go on one of these trips, think about taking a class that will enhance it! If you’re going to Barbados why not take an English class on Caribbean Literature or a Sociology class on Peoples of the Caribbean (SOC 335)? Going to Europe? Why not take a Political Science class on European Politics (POL 372) or Medieval Europe (HST 270)? And no matter where you go, Travel Writing (ENL 316) is always a great way to get the most out of your experience. For me, this class has been a great way to set aside time to reflect on my experience, and share my stories and pictures with my classmates! Even though this year’s spring break was just a month ago, it’s never too early to start saving for next year. You could have the trip of a lifetime!


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