Cute Animal GIFs That Represent Your Final Weeks

Just two more weeks left and you’re running around in a panic to finish!

Oh no, oh no, oh no!!! AHHHHH!!!!

On the other hand, Netflix keeps distracting you.

Just one more season, then I’ll start on that essay.

If it’s not Netflix, you’re floating around trying to figure out what to start first.

Should I start that English thesis first or should I get going on another project? 

Looking outside and daydreaming of summer isn’t helping either.

It’s soooo nice out! Maybe I’ll peak outside…

It would also be easier to study if your friends stopped bothering you.

Leave… me… alone…

But you know that sometimes, it takes that leap of courage to get started.

I got this!

Just remember that after you finish this semester, you can go back to feeling fabulous!

Just doing what I do best 😉


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