Its The Final Countdown

Second semester is winding down and there’s less than a month left until the end of the school year. It’s time to start preparing for the end! Now is a great time to check in with your professors  and see what your grades look like, there’s still time to give them that final boost!

Do extra credit, keep up with your reading, find out if you can make up overdue assignments, study a little extra for your final test and quizzes before the exam and most importantly keep going to class! It’s easy to start skipping now that the weather is getting warmer, but you’ve come too far to stop showing up now! It’s also a good time to take a look at your syllabus and see which classes actually have final exams and which professors may expect a final project or portfolio.

While a final project may seem easier than an exam, it’s important not to wait to the last minute so you can get the best results. It’s especially important to start planning out meeting times and assigning tasks if you’re doing group work. A great final project can really boost your grade, and with the right topic and a little creativity it can be fun too! If you know you’re having a final exam, and aren’t sure exactly when, the First Year Experience office has put up signs on the first floor of Meier Hall that will help you figure it all out. Simply look up the days and times your class meets and our posters will tell you when your final exam will be.  Good luck!


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