Outstanding First Year Advocate Award

At Salem State University, faculty, staff, and students help first year students achieve their goals inside and outside the classroom. The Outstanding First Year Advocate Award is given to faculty, staff, and students who are nominated by others in the Salem State community because of their enthusiasm to help, support, and encourage first year students.
Salem State University is very happy to have people who:

Assisted in the successful acclimation of first-year students to the university
Provided tools or support, Helped first-year students to achieve academic and/or personal success
Promoted a welcoming campus environment among first-year students
Exhibited a positive attitude that fostered a positive first year experience
Demonstrated outstanding commitment to first-year student success in and/or outside of the classroom
Encouraged student involvement on campus and/or within the community among first-year students

Nominations for these people ended on March 27th. All nominees are invited to this event.

The Luncheon ceremony is going to take place in the Ellison campus center MLK Room on Wednesday April 29th 2015 from 11:30 am to 12:30 pm. Nominees will be presented with a certificate of excellence for their continued support of first-year students. Those chosen as Outstanding First Year Advocates will be awarded with a token of honor for their outstanding commitment to first year success.

Congratulations to all nominees for their hard work and concern about others’ success!

FYE Amine



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