Over Whelmed

It’s starting to get closer to the end of the semester and we only have a few weeks left of school. It is time to start planning out everything you have to accomplish for the semester. Also, to start working on any late assignments. The last few weeks of the semester are the hardest, it’s when professor starts to pile on the work. Some tips are to relax! I know things can get overwhelming and stressful but stressing about something isn’t going to make it any better. If you are trying to type a paper try to set goals by the hour. If you set goals and accomplish them then reward yourself. This might sound weird but it can actually help. Being productive for an hour or two then having a half an hour to yourself to relax is a great way to stay on top of things. Also, try to accomplish your work right when you get out of class or in between classes. When you sit around and take naps all day you won’t be as productive when you do your work when you get out of class. Another tip is to change your scenery. If you are always doing homework in your dorm trying going to the library or going into a lounge. Changing your scenery can help a lot if your tired of studying in the same place all the time. My last tip is to switch topics when you feel like you studied or wrote everything you had to say. It is better to always come back to a topic then start to get distracted because you don’t have anything to study.


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