Bucket List

Now that the semester is winding down you all must have some free time on your hands. Do you find yourself asking what you could be doing in Salem to keep you and your friends entertained for the remainder of the semester? I am here to offer you some suggestions to take into consideration when you need an afternoon away from campus and a break before finals!

  • Take a walk to Salem Willows to hangout by the water, play tennis, soccer, etc.! There are endless opportunities to burn off some energy and a cheap alternative of entertainment! Along the way you pass by coffee and ice cream places where you would be able to refresh yourself after a long walk!
  • Check out the Peabody Essex Museum for free with your clippercard! There are countless art pieces that can be discussed and viewed with friends!
  • Head down to Pickering Wharf to window shop and explore the downtown area! Not only are you outside getting fresh air but also seeing new parts of Salem!
  • Hop on the Friendship! Down by Pickering Wharf you will see a huge ship that can be explored for free during certain parts of the day! Why not take advantage of this beautiful ship and scenery?!

Overall, enjoy the end of your freshmen year with your friends to make memories that will last a lifetime! The time you put into finals week should be rewarded with some fun! Good luck with finals and see you all next fall!

-FYE Mentor, Jordan

Other suggestions can be found here: http://www.tripadvisor.com/Attractions-g60954-Activities-Salem_Massachusetts.html 


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