It’s Closing Time

Congratulations! You’ve made to the end of a rather hectic semester from the endless amount of snow to the surprisingly sunny days we have today! Just remember that just because the snow is over, doesn’t mean school is. Here are some helpful tips to get you through the remainder of the semester and finals!

1. Stick to the same schedule that you have for homework. Just because you’re not in class anymore doesn’t mean that your work ethic should decrease.

2. Finish all of your final papers! Look at your syllabus for each class to make sure that you are not missing anything!

3. Double and Triple check your finals schedule! Nothing is worse than skipping a final or not knowing what time your final is taking place. If you miss it, chances are you won’t be able to make it up!

4. Make time for sleep! Even though everything is wrapping up and you have more time to hang out with your friends, make sure you are working on your work, but make sure you are leaving time for sleep!

5. Have Fun! Within your last few weeks of the semester it is very important to take a break from all of the studying to reward yourself for a hard semester’s work. Take some time to hang out with your friends, go out to eat and celebrate everything that you have accomplished this semester!

Happy Summer!

– Ashley


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