What do I with All of These Books?

Now that the semester is over, you’re probably facing a dilemma all students have at this time of the year. What are you going to do with all of those textbooks? You may even have books left over from last semester. With limited space in your cars on move-in day, you might not have room to take them all home.

Before you sell your books back look through them and make sure you won’t need them for future classes, some textbooks can be helpful as reference tools, especially if the topic relates to your major. If you decide you want to sell, the easiest place to sell your books is the bookstore on central campus. They’ll immediately give you cash or a check for your book.

If you’re willing to wait a little longer, you can visit Chegg  or Amazon and see how much you can sell your books for there. They’ll give you a quote immediately but it’ll take a little longer for your check to arrive.  Another great option is selling or giving a book to a friend or classmate who’ll need it next year! Post a picture of your book on Facebook, you never know who might need it. This is another method that’s quick and convenient! If you rented your books be sure to return them on time. Check online for information about how to return your books and be sure to send the right books to the right company. Enjoy your summer!


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