Get Involved!

Congratulations First Years! You’ve made it through your first month of college life. Now that you’ve begun to familiarize yourself with campus and your courses now is the time to get more involved! SSU has a ton of different groups and clubs that can fit anyone’s needs. Last week there the Student Involvement Fair was held outside of the library but if you missed it here is a list of some of the groups and clubs that were there.

  • Resident Housing Association (RHA): RHA is a group on campus for resident students that advocates for change in the Residence Halls and on campus. Each building has a Community Council with a president, vice president, treasurer, secretary and RHA representatives. Members of Community Council meet in their building once a week and then with the other councils once a week. They put on programs and advocate for change in the residence halls. Last year one advocacy project that they had was to get HBO for the residence halls. A program that RHA already put on this year was the welcome back carnival after move in. Like their Facebook page at:
  • Program Council: Program Council is an organization run totally by and for students and is responsible for many of the major activities on campus. Program Council meets every Monday at 4:30 pm in the Ellison Campus Center and all students are welcome and encouraged to come to meetings. The group divides it’s programming up into chair positions, which include: night programming, day programming, diversity programming, comedy programming, and off-campus programming. Program Council members coordinate events. Like their Facebook page at:
  • Reparatory Dance Theater (RDT): RDT is an active and visible student dance company at Salem State. The group consists of about 50 dancers from the college and the local community. Students with the support of a faculty advisor organize the company.

To find out more about the different groups and clubs on campus visit Student Involvement and Activities in 218 in Ellison Campus Center.


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