Did you know about all the resources on campus related to academics? There are numerous ones that are very accessible and they are completely FREE. Yes I am serious, there is no charge to go to any of these resources on campus. Just to name a few that I personally have gone to and thought that they were very helpful-The Writing Center located in the library is a great place when you are having trouble writing a paper. The staff are great in being able to help you accomplish your goal for your paper.

The Peer Tutors which are a part of Center for Academic Excellence are awesome to help you learn material that you are confused on and even help with studying for exams. I went to a peer tutor for my lab last semester and she was great at helping clear up some confusing ideas/parts of the lab.

Another resource on campus are the Academic  Mentors that are located in the residence halls. They’re great with helping with papers, giving study tips and helping with homework. The Academic Mentors have office hours during the week and that designated time is to go ask for help but they will help you at any time that you need! Office hours are a great time to do your homework and receive some help also you can meet new people that also go to the office hours.

I wish you the best of luck this year and I hope that you go and utilize these resources that are available on campus!


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