Mid-terms: The Secret to Your Success!

With mid-terms just around the corner, you might be getting a lot of tips about how to prepare and even how to study, but what do you do after mid-terms are over? It may seem early to start thinking about but, the choices you make when mid-terms are over can really affect your final grades! Here are a few ways your can use your mid-term to improve your grades:

1. Look it Over

Once you get the results of your mid-terms, don’t just look at the grade and throw it away. Review each question carefully and correct the answers you got wrong. These can be great study tools for your finals as well as a great way to learn, so keep them in a safe place where you can find them in December.

2. Make an Assessment

Asses your grades and figure out which subjects might need a little extra attention. A less than stellar grade on your midterm isn’t a death sentence, think of it as a way to see what subjects you might need to try a little harder on. Once you figure that out, visit your professor, take extra detailed notes, and spend a little more time on your homework! You might even want to get a tutor or visit the writing center for help on your next essay. Don’t let a low grade discourage you, use it as motivation to do better next time!

3. Use it as Inspiration

Many professors will ask you to do an essay or project in addition to a written exam as part of your final grade. Why not use your mid-term for some inspiration? Chances are, the concepts in your mid-term were important ones, that’s why they’re on the test, so some of them would could be great topics for a project or essay. Choose a topic or concept from your mid-term, make note of it, and set it aside for later. It’ll really help when things get stressful later in the semester if you already have an idea of what you want to write or present about.

Remember mid-terms are all about checking in and seeing what you’ve learned this semester so far, use them to make the rest of your semester even better!


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