Preparing for MTELs

Education majors- this one is for you!! If you are an education major on the licensure track, I am sure you have all heard about taking your MTELs. Some of you may be feeling nervous, stressed or uncertain about taking these tests but don’t worry! I am a mentor with the First Year Office but I am also an MTEL tutor for the MTEL center! Here is some information that you should know about MTELs:mtel_logo

Get Started Early:

The thought of taking your first MTEL may want to send you running for the hills but it is better to get prepared and start taking them as early as possible! You will need to have your MTEL exams done to student teach and your Communication and Literacy exam needs to be passed before you do Curriculum block. It is even more stressful to cram in studying and taking more than one exam in a short period of time so it is better to spread them out over a couple of years.

Resources are Available:

MTELs are not something you have to prepare for and go through alone! The MTEL center provides free bootcamps as well as information about the tests. There are also some new exciting programs coming out to help you feel as confident as possible for when you take the test!

Don’t Believe the Rumors:

I have heard so many negative comments about the MTEL exams around campus. Of course taking a test is not fun but there is a lot of talk about how impossible they are to pass and how many times people fail them. In reality, if you take the time to use the resources available on campus to prepare yourself before you take it, your MTELs will be a breeze! You will be so happy you believed in yourself and got them done early when you are a junior and not worrying about any more tests!

Come to the Education Office:

If you have questions, feel free to contact the education office, or MTEL center. You can stop by, have a piece of candy and chat with the experts about how to set yourself up for success!

Lastly- even if you are not an education major, it is important to keep yourself educated on what requirements are necessary for your major! It is never too early to get on top of things and get on track!


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