Fall Fun

Hi everyone!

Now that one month of school has officially passed and the seasons have changed it’s time to have some fun! I’m sure everyone has noticed that the weather has started to cool off and the color of the leaves is starting to change. One of my seasons is fall and I love to get involved in season appropriate activities! My favorite thing about living on the North Shore, specifically Salem, is October because of the Halloween atmosphere downtown! As a residential student there are shuttles that can take you to the downtown area or you can enjoy a nice leisurely walk with friends! The shopping and food could keep you coming back every weekend! This is a great way to explore Salem and its history before the weekend of Halloween is over!

Some other fun fall ideas are apple and/or pumpkin picking. This is another great way to get outdoors and enjoy the weather before it gets too cold. Spending time away from the books is great in moderation and helps you relax before a big week of homework, exams, papers, etc. With the pumpkins you pick you can carve them and cook the seeds or the apples can become apple crisp or pie! Your choice! Taxis and Zipcars are available to get you to local farms!

Finally, a cup of tea or coffee and a movie day/night never hurt anyone! There is nothing wrong with enjoying a night in with a few close friends and bonding over your favorite Halloweentown movie! Get some snacks and apple cider and enjoy! Hope you guys can find something to keep your weekends busy!

As always, we are located in Meier Hall 100A if you need any assistance 🙂

FYE Mentor—Jordan


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