Jumping Ahead: Thoughts and Ideas for Spring 2016

Hello FYE family!!!!!!!!!!

So, as many of you know, the classes for next semester have been posted. Now, some of you may have already looked ahead and mentally plotted your schedule, which is great! There are just a few things that you should consider.

  1. Don’t begin to stress yourself over next semester: Although its important to have a game plan for what to expect next semester, don’t forget about the classes that you are currently enrolled it. Being productive and mapping out next semester is really proactive (and required), but make sure you focus the majority of your energy on doing well in the classes you’re taking now! Ultimately, your success this semester will get you to the classes next semester.
  2. Utilize your Advisor!!!: Everyone has an advisor! They are professors on campus that help you sculpt your future as an Under Grad. Reach out to them; email or call them in advance to introduce yourself! Then, make sure to signup for an advising meeting! Go to their office and sign up for a time (which are usually posted on their door). When you go, they will help you with your schedule and give you a VERY needed code for spring registration (so for that reason, you definitely should make an appointment!).
  • If you would like to know who your advisor is ahead of time, go to Navigator, and on the left hand panel, scroll down to “My Advisors” and click! The necessary info would be provided. But if you have trouble finding your Advisors office, look them up on salemstate.edu and you can get their info that way!

3. Lastly, keep your eyes and ears peeled for any cool opportunities: Trips, new clubs and groups, new events, different type of programs, Study Abroad, and much more! And ALWAYS check in with FYE to hear the latest!


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