At this point of year, it feels like your school work, job(s), and other commitments are piling up. I know far too well that being busy, with little time for leisure or sleep, can make you a little insane in the brain. My first year in college definitely taught me how to overcome this feeling of IMMENSE STRESS. By going through just four steps, you can become more self-aware and closer to being able to conquer those stressful days weeks months times.

1. Identify the Source
Weight gain/loss. Acne. Loss of energy. Headaches. Panic attacks. Sometimes when we’re stressed or anxious our bodies know that we’re stressed before our brains do. Take a moment to asses yourself. Identify the source(s) of your stress. Is it a specific paper? Is your job particularly demanding? Is your roommate overbearing?

2. Know Yourself
Once you’ve identified the source(s), become aware of them. When you anticipate these triggers, take extra care of yourself. Contemplate eliminating the source, maybe you realize that taking the extra job is too much for you.

3. How to Deal
What is the best way to deal with your stress? Some people need to head to the gym at 7:00am to get that rush of adrenaline to start off their day. Others might drink tea, burn incense, or maybe meditate or do some yoga to detoxify their body. You might even just need to count to ten, listen to punk rock, or doodle. Stress relievers are different for everyone, so it’s important to know what’s right for you.

4. Treat Yo’ Self
When it’s all over you need to give yourself some love for getting through this! Get some Ben & Jerry’s, buy a new pair of shoes, or stuff your face with chocolate, you deserve it!

Dealing with stressful times is difficult, but possible. Just remember to keep on looking forward, you can do it!



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