Time Management

October is a busy time of year in Salem- midterms, big papers, projects, studying, Halloween festivities downtown, meetings for clubs/organizations on campus, spending time with friends and so much more. Sometimes it’s difficult to know how to budget your time, but here are some tips that can help you to reach success:

  1. Use a planner or a notebook to write down assignments for your courses. A planner is a great resource that allows you to be able to plan ahead and see what big assignments are due as well as the little assignments. I use a planner and carry it with me every day. I suggest trying something along these things to help yourself to know what you need to get done and what assignments can be worked on a little but aren’t urgent. If you need a planner, we have them down in the First Year Experience office, so come down and grab one.
  2. Have a calendar either in your room on use the app on your phone. I believe that a calendar is a great way to organize everything that is going on. I like to put down my work schedule, my meetings for clubs/organizations and due dates for long-term assignments. Don’t forget to schedule time to yourself or doing something fun with your friends! It is important to take care of yourself within all the craziness of school and work. This calendar allows for you to see the big picture. It gives a great overview of what is happening during the entire month.
  3. Make to-do lists. These can help break down what needs to be done. A to-do list can help you cross off the little things and allow yourself to feel accomplished that you did something that you needed to. I like to-do lists because they help me feel like I’ve done something productive.

I hope that these tips are helpful to you and if you need any more assistance, come stop by the First Year Experience Office in Meier Hall room 100A with any questions that you may have! We also are offering student success series on Time Management: they are 10/13/15 at 3pm in Meier hall room 100C, 11/17/15 at 3pm in Meier hall room 100C & 11/30/15 at 1pm in Meier hall room 338!

I hope you all have a wonderful rest of the Fall semester!

  • First Year Mentor Mikaela

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