Degree Tracker WILL Save Your Life

A piece of advice for all students at Salem State University: Use Degree Tracker. It will save your life. For those who are thinking about obtaining a minor, or who are undeclared and trying to find a minor, the What-If Degree Tracker is for you. I’ll talk about both, but first… Degree Tracker.

You can find Degree Tracker on Navigator. On the left hand side it will be under quick links. When you view your Degree Tracker for the first time, it can be a bit confusing. As a first year student, it will look different than a junior’s and senior’s. Your Degree Tracker does a lot of things. The most important is it tells you which requirements you still need to fill. For most first years, you’ll have some core requirements and some major requirements. When you complete a requirement, that section of your degree tracker will collapse. Everything expanded is what you need to complete. Don’t get too overwhelmed– you have plenty of time! On average, students take 4-5 classes a semester, and 8 semesters to graduate.

Another thing Degree Tracker does is it shows you which courses you can take to fill your requirements. For example, as an English major I need to take three “Intro to Language, Literacy and Writing” courses. There are about 35 courses I can choose from.


A What-If Report can be made if you are thinking of obtaining a minor, changing your major, declaring a major, or anything along those lines. Once you complete your What-If Report, it will look exactly like your Degree Tracker report. Here’s how you make a What-If Report.

On the left hand side of Navigator, click on Full Menu.


Under that, click on Academics.


Then What-If Report.


Next, you will want to make your report. Here’s how you do that.



After that, you can see what classes you would need to take!


I live by the What-If Report. I’ve changed my minor three times, my major once, and I’m debating on adding a second minor now. It’s so nice to be able to see what I would need to do to complete the minor. If you have any questions, talk to your advisor!

Good luck!

-FYM Kaitlynn


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