The Wonders of Health Services

Hey First Years! As we enter the middle of October/Halloween you may notice that a lot of people around you are beginning to get sick. While some illness can be taken care of with a few cough drops and some ginger ale others might need a little TLC from a health care professional. At SSU students have access to Health Services, located in the back of the Ellison Campus Center, which is staffed by Nurse Practitioners and a part-time Doctor. Health Services not only provides treatment of minor illnesses or injuries but if you make an appointment they can give you a physical, a gynecological exam, STD/STI testing, they can prescribe you with birth control and even give you vaccinations and immunizations. To make an appointment with Health Services you need to either call them and make one at 978 542 6413 or you can make an appointment online through Navigator. If you log into Navigator and then click “Full Menu” there will be a drop down menu option for ” Health Services Portal” where you can then log in with your ID number and password and schedule an appointment. Health Services is open from 8:30am-4:30pm Monday-Friday. For an appointment at Health Services it is recommended that you arrive about ten minutes early to check in and get settled. To check in for your appointment at it is required that you bring your Student ID and your Health Insurance card. Health Services is a free service for SSU students and your Health Insurance will not be billed.If you are unable to make it into Health Services for those hours there is a minute clinic in the CVS across the street from Viking Hall.


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