Salem is considered many things: Witch City, the birthplace of the National Guard, and home to the House of Seven Gables. One of the reasons I chose Salem State University was because of its rich history having to do with Halloween. Thousands of people come to this city to enjoy the festivities, and you should too!

dancing pumpkin

While Salem is a lovely town full of things to do, your safety is a priority and with more people comes more risks. Here are some ways to stay safe this Halloween!

  • Buddy system: If you’re walking around downtown, always have a buddy with you: especially at night. Keep your friends together and look out for each other!
  • Keep your phone charged: Your phones are great for Snapchat and getting those Halloween Instagram posts in, but keep it charged! Your phone should stay charged and ready to call someone in case of an emergency!
  • If you’re downtown late at night, use the shuttle!
    • Call them at: 978-542-7777
      • Remember: the shuttle has tons of people calling. Be respectful to your drivers and the dispatchers—they’re doing the best they can!
  • Keep the University Police phone number in your phone!
    • 978-542-6111
  • Dress for the weather! Your costume may be amazing, but you don’t want to be freezing all night!

If you have any more questions about safety during this amazing season, talk to the First Year Experience office or contact the University Police!



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