Building Your Schedule!

With advising here and registration around the corner, it is important to have an idea of what classes you want to take next semester. Here are some tips on building a schedule for next semester:

  • View Degree Tracker on your Navigator account to see what classes you still have to take!
    • It is usually easier to get pre-requisite and support classes out of the way first so you can focus on your major courses later.
  • Read the course description thoroughly!
    • Sometimes a course is completely different than it sounds. Read the course description in order to avoid being disappointed by the course content later on.
  • Write down any classes you are interested in taking along with their offered times!
    • This can help you avoid scheduling conflicts when looking into other classes.
  • Try to take a good mix of classes!
    • Taking all hard classes can be overwhelming but taking all easy classes can cause you to lose interest.
  • Don’t over-schedule!
    • You will need time to not only get to every class but to do the work for each class. Taking too many classes at once can cause unnecessary stress later on.
  • Make a backup schedule in case your first choice classes do not work out!
    • Sometimes classes fill up quickly or there is a scheduling conflict that might come up later. Having a backup schedule can help you still take classes you want, even if they aren’t your first choice.
  • Meet with your advisor!
    • While you need to meet with your advisor in order to get your registration code, they usually have really good advice when it comes to classes. They are professors in your major so they know what it takes to get where you want to go. Utilize your time with them and take their advice into consideration.

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