Study Tactics

As midterms are coming up, it’s good to know and start practicing effective studying. Sometimes knowing what to and not to do seems obvious, but that’s not always the case. . .

Gum: Chew the same flavor of gum while you’re studying and while you’re taking the test. The similar connection is scientifically proven to improve your recall of information.

Don’t cram: You’ve heard this before and will hear it again but studying all at once has been proven to be much less effective than studying in spaced out sessions.

Change where you study: Findings show that changing context or environment helps retention. If you always study in the same place, try to move to different locations like the library, your floor lounge, a friend’s room, etc.

Nap:  A study in UMASS two years ago thankfully revealed the benefits of napping for our memory—now we ha have a valid excuse! After studying for a bit, rewards yourself with a nap, then address the information you can and can’t recall.

Check-in: Sometimes we get so caught up in reading and re-reading material that we don’t actually know what we’re reading. After reading, try checking in with yourself and regurgitating all of the concepts you know; this way you can see what you actually remember.

Buddy system: Find a friend that you can study with! Prepare to teach each other about a concept or chapter. When a student prepares to teach a concept to another, they organize key points and get a better general understanding of the concept.

Keep in mind that studying takes time, don’t be hard on yourself if you can’t get it right away. You can do it!



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