More Than Meets the Eye

Most students when they hear the word “library” think strictly about books and silence. While the library is a quiet place for students to conduct research and do homework assignments there are so many other services and spaces provided at our library than just the typical library!

Study Rooms

  • Our library has several study rooms that can be used for group projects or if you just want to have a room to yourself to study in. Around midterms and finals these rooms are booked up quickly so if you’re thinking that you want to use one of these rooms you can call the library and after giving them your name and ID number you can reserve a room. There is a time limit on how long you can be in the study room as other students do like to use them as well.
    • Pro Tip: While a lot of students believe that these rooms are sound proof they are not. So while you can converse with your group at a normal volume without disturbing other students in the library remember that these rooms are not sound proof and that if you get loud enough everyone can hear you.

Specialty Librarians

  • if you need help finding research for a specific subject the library has several librarians that have specific areas of expertise that can help you.
    • Carol Zoppel is the reference and instruction librarian for history, political science, art, philosophy, and geography
    • Nancy Dennis is the reference and instruction librarian for accounting, finance, economics, management, marketing/ decision science, interdisciplinary studies, biology, chemistry, physics, computer science, geology, math, occupational therapy, and sports and movement science
    • Jason Soohoo is the reference and instruction librarian for education and theater and speech communications
    • Catherine Fahey is the reference and instruction librarian for communications, english, music and dance
    • Nancy George is the reference and instruction librarian for nursing
    • Cathy Fahey is the reference and instruction librarian for world languages and cultures
  • All of these librarians can be contacted through the Library tab on the SSU homepage by clicking Library->Services->Instructional Services->Reference Instruction Librarians

Other Offices in the Library

  • Writing Center
    • The Writing Center is staffed by undergraduate and graduate students who can help you generate ideas on a paper, correct flow of a paper, and provide feedback on whether or not a paper is on the right track for an assignment. Appointments can be made through phone cal ( 978 542 6491) l or by walking into the Writing Center on the first floor of the library. Appointments are booked for hour long slots. Walk in appointments are not guaranteed.
  • Center for Academic Excellence
    • The Center for Academic Excellence provides academic support to students through help with advising, tutoring, supplemental instruction, and reading and test taking strategies. They can be contacted at 978 542 6215 or by walk in appointment to their office on the first floor of the library.

The library at SSU is chock full of resources that you should take advantage of not only during midterms and finals but all year!


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