The Dreaded “P” Word

You all know it. You all do it. BUT you avoid owning up to it.

The “P” word takes its victims and is absolutely relentless. We are swarmed by that dreaded thing, it takes over our mind and body and we may struggle to find the student we really are when we are consumed by it.

Procrastination is real, and I’m definitely one to fall victim to its wrath. Its tough to deal with, especially as we approach the middle of the semester. You find that you’re mentally exhausted and put assignments and studying off until the very last minute, which essentially causes higher stress than spreading the tasks over time. Here are some scenarios that may help you avoid that pesky procrastination in your final weeks of the semester

Scenario 1: The 10 Page Paper

10 Page research paper assigned on 10/14 and is due 11/6.

DONT: Wait until the night before to do all of your research, typing, outlining and formatting.

DO: Spread the research out a little every day. Don’t stress yourself out looking things up and formatting your paper. Instead, give an hour towards your paper each day until the final submission is due. Also, utilizing the Writing Center located in the Library. They are phenomenal with help and will aid you with all the necessary tools for a successful paper!

Scenario 2: Exam Time

Your syllabus states you have an exam on Chapters X,Y and Z coming up next Friday.

DONT: Open the book for the first time Thursday night, pull an all nighter, load up on caffeine and cram the information into your head.

DO: Start AT LEAST a week in advance. Begin by reviewing Chapter X on the Friday before the exam. Then Chapter Y on Saturday, and Z on Sunday. When Monday comes around, do what ever makes learning easier for you; take practice quizzes, review flash cards, play studying games with friends, or simply review the notes you have from each chapter. Tuesday and Wednesday should be the same: Review. And the Thursday before should be extremely relaxed. Grab a bite to eat with friends and go to bed at a reasonable time so you are well rested for the exam. The day of the exam, take a deep breath. Tell yourself you’re going to CRUSH it, eat breakfast, and walk into class about to kick the tests behind!

These tips are things you’ve probably heard multiple times. Although they’re extremely redundant, they ARE important. Give these tips a try and nip procrastination in the bud. And please, please, PLEASE don’t put too much pressure on yourself. You are doing the best you can, and it will pay off. Just hang in there.



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