Sing your Heart Out

Do you like to sing or do you want to give back to the community? Well you have the chance to at an event that is happening this month! It is called Vikings Give. The event will take place in the Starbucks on campus. It is on Tuesday night November 17th starting at 8pm and concluding at 10pm. It is hosted by Senior RA Eva of Viking Hall and there are many other groups and organizations such as LASO, START, The Alliance, Residence Hall Association, All residence hall community councils and much more that are involved.

The event is an Open Mic night! There will be fifteen contestants in the show but in order to participate you need to give five items that you can donate. Items such as canned goods or some type of clothing. If you don’t want to sing and just want to come support that is awesome. The event is completely FREE, if you just want to just watch, you have to donate a canned good of some kind or an article of clothing. Did I mention that there is a contest for each residence hall on campus? There will be boxes at the event with residence hall names on it and the box that contains the most donated items by the end of the event will win a prize. Prizes include Visa gift cards of varying amounts and Starbucks gift cards! After we have collected all the items we will be donating them to two different places. One is a shelter in Africa and the other is a LGBTQ shelter. This event will be a spectacular time and I hope that you all come and support the community as well as the SSU students that are participating!

Have some fun on Campus!

First Year Mentor Mikaela


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