Halloween is over, but the fun doesn’t have to be!

Tourist season is officially over in Salem! No more struggling through crowds to get the full Fall experience that Salem has to offer. But, now you’re probably wondering “What do I even do?” All the witch museums have been visited and the spooky tours have been attended, so what else is there to do? Well, that is up to you! Here are some suggestions of places you can visit after the Halloween rush is over!

  1. Explore the local parks that Salem has to offer

Less than a ten minute walk from North campus is the beautiful Forest River park! It may seem like a small park that doesn’t have much to offer if you aren’t a runner or a child, but once you go into the depths of the park, there is a whole new world to discover! If you veer off to your right when you enter the park there are trails that are hidden to most that overlook the water. Taking an afternoon with some friends and a camera may be the perfect opportunity for memories to be made! Another area that is fun to explore is the mysterious Salem State Marine Laboratory center, or what the locals call Cat Cove. Located right by the Salem Willows, this hidden gem offers a beautiful waterfront experience. Collect sea glass, climb some rocks, and get your feet wet with some friends!


The view from a path in Forest River Park and the view from Cat Cove.

  1. Visit a local coffee shop

Although the new Starbucks that Salem State built is a beautiful addition to our campus, nothing beats the feel of a locally owned coffee shop in downtown Salem! The streets are filled with places that will make you want to curl up with a good book, sip a hot beverage, and listen to your Indie playlist. One of my favorites is Front Street Coffeehouse on Front Street in downtown Salem. If the affordable prices and delicious food and beverages don’t make you want to go here, then the atmosphere of this shop will. The shop is always adorned with art from local artist, hanging christmas lights that frame the warm colored walls, and cozy chairs that add to the comforting feel of Front Street. I suggest getting a pot of their Snow Monkey tea with a close friend and catching up on some of the reading for this week’s classes!  


Front Street Coffeehouse

  1. Go to the Peabody Essex Museum, for FREE!!

One of the many great advantages of being a Salem State student is being able to visit the Peabody Essex Museum for free with your clipper card. Not only is the museum itself packed with amazing art and information, but there is always new exhibits going up, that would usually cost additional money to get into, but it’s all included in your free bundle! Spend a few hours getting lost in the culture and history that this museum has to offer. An exhibition that I suggest checking out is Importing Splendor: Luxuries from China. Check out the furniture and decorations that traditional Chinese homes had to offer with this exhibit!


The outside of the Peabody Essex Musuem, taken from their website.

  1. Check out the Gassett Fitness Center for FREE ice skating!

Need something to do that’s fun and counts as exercise?! Go to the Gassett fitness center for free ice skating! Go alone or with a group of friends to make memories at Salem State, for free! Hours can be found on the Website:


These aren’t the only things that you can do in Salem, but these are some of my personal favorites! I hope you enjoy my suggestions and feel free to post pictures of you and your friends havig some fun while at Salem State!


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