How Your Phone Can Help You This Semester!

With midterms coming to a close, many students breathe a sigh of relief that their semester is halfway over. Around this time, many will try to slack off and begin to think “I’m almost done, I can watch one more episode of Netflix.” But soon, one episode becomes one season, and soon, it’s three o’clock in the morning and you didn’t do that lab assignment that was due at midnight.

Here are some tips on how your phone can help you stay on top of things for the rest of the semester–and into next semester:

  1. remindersThere is a handy dandy app on your phone called Reminders that comes with the new iOS 9 update!
    • This app allows you to set up what assignments are due and to set up a priority. These reminders will stay on your phone until you mark them as complete, so they will annoy you into completing assignments.
  2. Plan your week!
    • If you have a lot to do this week, take about a half hour on Sunday afternoon and plan your week out. Plan to write a page a day for that paper due Friday. Apps like the Reminders app or ones you can get for free are awesome to help you in this!
  3. Need more motivation? Set your lock screen as the assignments due for the day or the week! You look at your phone all the time…instead of that lock screen of that celebrity or your significant other, you could always be reminded of what you have to do for the day.
  4. calendar-icon-iosPut assignments and meetings in you calendar! With classes you need to attend, to online assignments, to group meetings, and even that Starbucks date with that friend, you may need to plan your whole life out. It’s okay–college is a busy time, and you need the extra reminders!
  5. canvas-appCanvas app! There is an app for Canvas on the iPhone! It allows you to look at assignments, do your discussions, and message your teachers. It’s a great way to keep on top of things while you’re away from campus!
  6. Notifications! In Canvas, you can set up text notifications on when assignments are posted, graded, or changed. It’s a great way to know when your professors are adding things to the syllabus!

I hope these tips will help you through the rest of fall, and into the next semester. Good luck!



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