You won’t regret learning a new language

a9d5ca889ba6e5c162facd7aeef9cfe2Almost every country has it’s own unique language/dialect. However, language isn’t only just a means to transmit a message between two different parties. If we take a sentence from Arabic for example and translate it word by word to English the meaning will be completely lost. Each language carries behind it a different way of thinking and therefore, a different tradition. Being able to communicate another language will of course benefit you by making you resilient when being part of another society, you will feel that you are home anywhere you go. Other benefits are you will be able to make new international friends, have a stronger job application, and if interested in leadership it will also help you create connections with the outside world. Not only satisfying your personal benefits, a new language also helps the societal needs. Many people live in remote ares where they only speak their own dialect. These people are suffering from medical, financial and social issues but when calling for help, sadly no one can understand them. By learning a language you will be able to help people that do not share the same culture you do with your language and skills.

Being able to speak more than two languages helped when traveling to the United States to study. I was able to communicate with different groups of people, other students who were learning the language, and helping me become more proficient in English. I feel that learning languages has helped me as a person and will benefit greatly in the future. I hope you all take advantage of your time to learn a new language at the college level and then travel the world.

Salem State department of World Cultures and Languages offers a variety of international languages each semester, as well as abroad programs. For more information please visit :  World Cultures and Languages department web page.

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