Registration Causing Perspiration?

Registration started this week on November 3rd!  It may be stressful at first, having to wait and stare at the infamous buffering circle to see if you were let into all your classes, but ultimately, registration is exciting! It means that the winter break is just around the bend, and soon you’ll be able to tackle new subjects and meet new people and professors.

Remember that registration can be hectic at many universities; so many people are using the same website that some crashing is inevitable. The best thing to do is make sure you have your computer in a good WiFi spot (perhaps off campus), pulled up and ready to go by 6:45am. Try not to get too discouraged if it takes too long and remember to take a breath.

Unfortunately, most classes have a cap and become closed after a certain amount of people sign up for the class. As a first year student you may not get your “ideal” schedule at first; however, by being flexible, you can take other sections of the course that are at a different time, but still fit your need.

If you still find yourself not able to take a certain class, be patient, you may be able to get in! The add/drop cut-off date is not until January 25- a few weeks into the semester. During this time, a student may drop the class you want, and you can get in 😉 If no spots are opening, check in with your adviser and see if you can take another class instead. Lastly, if you absolutely need to take that class, and you are getting close to the add/drop cut-off, then email the professor teaching the course and politely ask if they would consider letting you in despite the full class. From there, they may direct you to the department chair to clear it with them so you can officially register through Navigator.

Remember once you sign up for your classes, you aren’t bound to them until the add\drop period ends on January 25th!

Happy Class Registration and may the odds be ever in your favor. - Happy Class Registration and may the odds be ever in your favor. Misc


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