Don’t Panic Procrastinators!

Hey First Years!

As we move towards the end of semester you may start to feel the pressure in your classes. While you may be thinking that you have a month left to work on those big papers and that group project in reality that isn’t a lot of time. In reality you have a little over three weeks until the pressure for final assignments really sets in. Many of us like to think that we will work on assignments over Thanksgiving break if we feel we really need to. In reality once you get home and get to spend basically a week at home with all of your family and your friends those thirty pages of reading and several homework assignments you’ve been thinking putting off will be the last things on your mind. To help avoid cramming and panicking at the last minute check out this cool and simple study technique to help you break down assignments and projects and get them done efficiently!

The Pomodoro Technique

For my fellow procrastinators out there this is a great way to be completely focused on the task at hand and make real headway in tasks that you have been dreading. All that you need for this is a timer. When you sit down to begin your task set the timer for twenty-five minutes. During these twenty-five minutes you work on the task at hand. This means no social media, no texting, and no chatting with friends. When the time goes off after those twenty-five minutes you then reward yourself with a five-minute break. To keep you honest and on track time these five minutes as well. For every fourth break instead of a five-minute break you get a fifteen-minute break. This technique is really great for getting you focused on the task at hand without overwhelming your brain with a ton of information at one time.

November-December Calendar


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