You and Your Roommate: Keeping the Peace

File:Roommates (3218131407).jpg

During this busy time of the semester, everyone’s a little stressed out. Tensions may flare, especially with the person (or people!) you’re living with. Here are a few things to keep in mind to make sure your relationship with your roommates continues to be a good one!

  1. Walk away

Feel an argument coming on? Sometimes it’s best to just leave the discussion before things heat up too much. That doesn’t mean you can’t reopen the discussion later, but sometimes it’s easier to wait until the two of you aren’t as stressed, and can really hear each other and have a relaxed discussion.

  1. Yours, Mine and Ours

When you’re hungry or in a hurry, it may be tempting to grab some of your roommate’s food or even borrow their clothes, but unless you have permission, it’s best not to. Just think how you’d feel if some of your belongings went missing!

  1. It’s the Little Things

Things like cleaning up, offering to take out the trash or recycling and checking on your roommate to see how their day went are little gestures that go a long way. These may seem small but they’ll really add up!

  1. Quality Time

When you’re going to a movie with friends, invite your roommate, even if they don’t go, it’s a nice gesture! Find things you both enjoy doing, and spend a little time together. It’s a great way to destress. Even if you aren’t the best of friends, who’s got your back like your roomie?


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