Winter Session Courses

Hello First Years!

When it comes to winter break, I love being able to relax with a cup of hot chocolate and a good book. However, not everyone has the time for that. If you’re someone who doesn’t have time to relax over winter break and you want to get some classes out of the way, it could be a good time to take a class either on campus or online!

Winter session courses are very intense. It’s such a short amount of time to get a full course in, so if you do take a course make sure you are prepared to be doing a lot of work over a short amount of time


Here’s how you register for classes:

First, log in to Navigator.



Next, go to “Registration”



Select “Spring 2016”



Then, you will want to click “Search”



Next to Academic Group, switch it from “Undergraduate Day” to “Undergrad Continuing Education”



Next to Session, scroll all the way down and pick either “Winter Session – First” “Winter Session – Online” or “Winter Session – Second.” Winter Session – First and Second would be on campus, and Winter Session – Online would be online.



Then click “Search”



Finally, success!! Winter session courses! 🙂

tina fey

And there you go! Winter session courses. For pricing and if you have any questions about enrolling, speak with the Registrar’s office in the Nav center– (978) 542 – 8000.


And, as always, if you have any questions you can call the First Year Experience office at (978) 542 – 2618, e-mail us at, stop by our office in Meier Hall 100A, or message us on Facebook.


–FYM Kaitlynn


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