Destination: Study

With finals right around the corner, many students wonder where the best place to study is. Here are some places Vikings can study and work on their papers as we get to the final stretch!

Dunkin’ Donuts Cafe

  • Located in Meier Hall, this is a great area to get coffee and do some studying all in one place!


Berry Library

  • The library is the most common place for students to study! Located on North Campus, the library has many places to study, computers to work on those papers, and study rooms to get a group together and work!




  • The library’s third floor is a designated “Quiet Zone”, for those who need silence to focus on the task at hand!



  • Located in the library is the Center for Academic Excellence, which is where you can request a Peer Tutor to help you study for a class you may be struggling in!

Bertolon School of Business

  • Along with numerous computer labs, there is a cafe downstairs where many business and communications students like to do their work!IMG_2235

Starbucks Cafe

  • Located on Central Campus, many students love the cafe atmosphere of this Starbucks located in Viking Hall!


Sullivan Building

  • Like the students pictured, many History and Education majors like to study between classes on the first floor! Sullivan Building is located on North Campus!IMG_2239

Outside of Sullivan Building

  • On a nice day, some students like to sit at the tables between Sullivan Building and Horace Mann School!IMG_2240

Ellison Campus Center

  • On North Campus, ECC has both the Commuter Lounge and chairs by the front entrance many Vikings like to use!IMG_2242IMG_2243 (1)

North Campus Quad

  • On a beautiful day, many students like to sit on the benches and study, or take a break and hang out with friends on the quad!IMG_2245


Good luck with finals! If you have any questions, come to the First Year Experience Office, Meier 100A!


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