Final Exam Tips and Tricks


In just two weeks, final exams will be here! First things first, you got to know your schedule. Try and stay organized by writing down the due dates and times of final projects, papers and exams. Below is the Final Exam Schedule for Fall 2015. Be aware that reading day is December 15. No classes are scheduled for that day so it’s a wonderful opportunity to study and prepare yourself for finals.

finl exm

After you know your schedule, start working right away—the best way to study is in chunks over a longer period of time. It might work best to start of putting 30- 45 minutes aside for each class a day to study or work on a final project a day. If you can handle doing that, increase the amount of time you spend by 15 minutes until you can’t study no more.

When we are studying for such long amounts of time, it’s easy to lose focus. One way to prevent this is the 50/10 Rule. For each 50 minutes that you spend studying take a 10 minute break to relax or wind down (you could even set an alarm to keep yourself on track). A great way to relax is to color. Feel free to stop by the MAPworks office on the second floor of Meier to pick up a coloring page for each week.

During finals week, student will result to eating a lot of unhealthy food to get energy. Instead of eating that large pizza, grab peanut butter and pretzels. Instead of red bull, try drinking tea or even coffee. Fruit also has a lot of natural sugars. There are many healthy substitutes that can give you more energy for longer than other unhealthy snacks. 

Make sure to utilize your peers. Form a study group and use each other to stay focused and learn.  Another must-do is mankind study guides. Whether it’s hand written or typed up, it’ll help.

Lastly, get some sleep so you can get your brain rested and ready to go. Once finals are done, enjoy your winter break and this holiday season! A friendly reminder: if you live on campus, remember you’re expected to move out within 24 hours of your last final. The residence halls officially close Tuesday, December 22, 2015 at 5 pm and all residence halls reopen on Sunday, January 17, 2016 at 12pm.





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