25 Fun Facts about FYM Angelina

My team and I performing In Tennessee at Destination ImagiNation’s 2014 Global Finals. I’m the one in purple. The dress is made out of brown paper bags, aluminum cans, hot glue, and coat hangers.

I’m Angelina, a mentor in the First Year Experience office at SSU. Here’s some fun facts for you to get to know me a little:

  1. I watch Netflix way too much.
  2. Musicals are my passion. I love watching them, being in them, and listening to the music over and over again.
  3. I’m Secretary of Repertory Dance Theatre, a dance club at SSU.
  4. My proudest achievement is that I was on a DI team that earned 1st place in a global competition.
  5. I’ve eaten ant eggs and toasted crickets before.
  6. I have tendinitis in my left foot.
  7. My favorite quote is “Creativity is messy and I’m VERY creative”.
  8. 7 and 292 are my favorite numbers
  9. I’ve made wearable dresses out of aluminum cans, paper bags, hot glue, trash bags, and phone book pages.
  10. When I was little I ate so many tomatoes I turned a little orange. . .
  11. I plan on re-reading the Harry Potter series every summer for the rest of my life.
  12. I recently declared a second major so now I’m majoring in Spanish and Dance with a concentration in Secondary Education.
  13. I love rainbows.
  14. I had a glitter fight in high school once. Months later I still found an occasional sparkle in my hair.
  15. I had a hot pepper eating competition in middle school with my social studies teacher and won.
  16. Purple is the best color in the universe.
  17. The poop emoji is my most used emoji.
  18. I’m a proud Hufflepuff and if you have a problem with that, I know a Slytherin.
  19. I know Nancy Kerrigan.
  20. I’ve been to Germany, Italy, Switzerland, and Mexico.
  21. I LOVE tea (real tea).
  22. I got paid for being a Transylvanian in the Rocky Horror Picture Show!
  23. My friends make fun of me because I stretch all the time. . .
  24. Puns are my favorite. Some know me as pun girl.
  25. Nerdy Redbubble stickers are all over my laptop!



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