25 Fun facts about FYM Emily

  1. I am a History major with a concentration in Public History
  2. I have a minor in Art History
  3. I’m a senior and will be graduating in May
  4. I am a member of the Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society
  5. I work as an RA in Viking Hall on the fourth floor
  6. I wear flip flops all year round-even in the snow- and it drives my friends crazy
  7. I have a younger brother, Joshua
  8. One of my goals is to rescue a pitiful from Villalobos Rescue center in Louisiana
  9. I’m originally from Leominster, Massachusetts
  10. I am half Asian, my mother is originally from Singapore in South East Asia
  11. I have been a Summer Conference Assistant for the past 2 summers at SSU
  12. Over this past summer I volunteered with the National Park Service at Salem Maritime and helped them create an authentic slave’s mattress
  13. I love James Bond movies and am working on expanding my collection of movies, currently I have all of Sean Connery’s movies and all of Daniel Craig’s including Spectre
  14. I love all Superhero movies and TV Shows- I don’t discriminate between Marvel and DC (Can’t wait to see Deadpool!)
  15. I am literally obsessed with the TV show Arrow
  16. I have met Haley Attwell, Stephen Amell, Katrina Law, Robbie Amell, Manu Bennet, and John Barrowman 
  17. I was trapped in New Jersey for Blizzard Jonas because I was there for a convention
  18. My car’s name is Tina and I love her
  19. I have sand/soil from Omaha Beach in Normandy, a foxhole from Bastogne, Belgium, and Auschwitz and Birkeneau concentration camps
  20. I have been in Paris for Bastille Day (their Fourth of July)
  21. I’m looking into pursuing a Graduate Certificate in Holocaust and Genocide Studies here at SSU after graduation
  22. I work as a hostess at The Cheesecake Factory at the Northshore Mall
  23. My dream graduate school is George Washington University in Washington D.C
  24. I have seen Journey, Train, Maroon 5, and Bowling for Soup in concert
  25. My dream career is to work as a curator at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington D.C

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