25 Fun Facts about FYM Amine


1- I’m trying to think about my remaining 24 fun facts

2 -Well, I was born in Oklahoma City but grew up in Morocco

3- Fun and exciting fact, I am graduating this spring semester with a B.S in Chemistry

4- I am going to be twenty one this March

5- I took my scuba diving certification test in 38°F water two years ago

6- I switched my Major for Biology to Chemistry last semester

7- I want to make a powerful medicine in the future

8- I am learning Spanish as a fourth Language

9- I used to have 21 cats in my backyard.

10- I went last summer to the Moroccan Sahara, and got my picture shared on the Salem State Facebook and Instagram pages.


11- My dream job is to get paid to travel

13- I sometimes like to skip steps

14- I bet you didn’t realize I skipped number 12

15- I also work as a Science Tutor and as an Admissions Ambassador at SSU


16- I will always be grateful to how the First Year Experience office has helped me adapt to college life despite the language barrier I had.

17- My philosophy is that belief and effort can lead you to anything- aka Optimism & Opportunism

18- My previous boss in the U.S called me, I forgot and answered him in Moroccan dialect

19- I extracted caffeine from tea bags in my Organic Chemistry lab. aka Breaking Bad

20- I won the volleyball intramural tournament last year

21- I received a honorary pen from Salem State’s President Meservey


22- I am trying to keep my GPA at 4   ……   3.4

23- Having a social life is as important excelling in academics is to me

23- The Salem State Library gave me free access to expensive books and articles

24- I guess I made two 23’s in this list on purpose– again

25- Last but not least, I am hoping to finish my Honors thesis by the end of this month

Me and my best friend Mr. Goatie hope you having a great year at Salem State



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